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I have the privilege of constantly witnessing transformation.

Through my sessions with clients of every type over my career, I have seen peoples' lives and futures change. Please read some testimonials below:

"I have massive trust and faith in what you do for me and therefore I am always happy when someone I refer to you comes and experiences the care and tools that you are able to share with them.
I have had amazing feedback from anyone I have sent to you.
I like to call it the Marta magic." -FT

"Thank you so much for opening up my world for me and helping me find my power! You are awesome! I may make people look pretty but you make people feel in control and powerful! What a gift ❤" -FT

"Marta, you’re a master of subtle remote head rewiring - thank you."

"It was a fantastic session, just what we needed to give us a boost in the right direction and some great tools to get there! We both came away grateful for that time!"

"I never got around to thanking you enough for what you did & for making me the strong person that I am today. You are an amazing, insightful person & ever so patient! Thanks to you I can be myself again." -YD

"Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance yesterday, it's definitely a new birth. Great sense of relief for all of us, a collective sigh." - JM

"D and I got married a couple of weeks ago! We're very happy and it's in no small part down to you. Thank you :)" -L

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your help. The big thing that has changed for me is that thanks to our sessions I am now starting to see a glimpse of the life I want to live and the person I want to be. I never thought this possible, thank you.

"Our daughter is still remarkably 'lighter'. She still has her teenage moments of course, but she seems to be carrying less hurt and anger around with her and is a lot more forgiving of us and our 'parent-y' ways. I cannot thank you enough for having connected with her and releasing some of the pressure for her." - N.O.

Espero que mucha mas gente vaya a verte, porque te encuentro fantastica y a mi me ayudaste muchisimo! aprovecho de darte las gracias y de decirte que me siento increible y que la vida me ha cambiado mucho, y para mejor! muy agradecida de el trabajo que hicimos juntas! Un Abrazo Marta! -CM

"Thank you so much for your clear insightfulness, we really value what you give to us and it really works its magic." - KM

A BIG thank you for all the help you gave us and our relationship during the build up to our baby’s arrival. We would not be together if it wasn’t for you! - A & O.

“Thank you for everything. It was a great life experience (fostering x) and one of the best parts was meeting someone like you who is so passionate about your work.” - FT

“In the past I’d seen several psychologists for many months but never gotten what I got from our first session.” J.D.

“Thank you so much for helping me through probably the hardest time of my life" B.W.

“Marta is an excellent tutor, very insightful, passionate about her work, genuine.”

“Marta was respectful of each and every person in our group. She has a fantastic ability to retain information given by the group. Her realness about family and the environment around them made her an effective teacher.”

“Bouncy, open-hearted, Jewish lady jumping round 101% totally enthused.” A.M.

"Thank you for your part in this - you gave generously of your experience, wisdom and teaching - we are immensely grateful to you for supporting the weekend with your skilled facilitation and quiet powerful practice - and travelling overseas to be there too!
Feedback from people who were lucky enough to attend your session was that it was both a challenging and enriching experience."

“Thank you once again for all your work last Tuesday. It was wonderful to have an opportunity for us all to meet and discuss issues with an experienced person outside the family and I feel much was achieved.” K.S.

"I have been seeing Marta Fisch for the last three years, both as an individual (suffering from anxiety and depression) and with my spouse. Ms. Fisch is an abundantly empathic, compassionate and authentic human being, who brings to her work enormous intelligence, humor, insight and wisdom. I am immeasurably grateful to her and hope many others may be blessed by her guidance." A.B.

"I have to say you were the first therapist I felt who got me."

Let's talk. How to contact me:

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(All conversations are private and confidential.)

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New: Online Sessions

Some of my clients have chosen to occasionally use online meeting methods for our sessions. They choose this if they have young children and it's hard to leave home, if their work schedule doesn't allow them time during the day for an appointment, or if they know they'd prefer to be in the comfort of their home or designated, private space to process their healing.

To learn more if this would be ideal for you, I encourage you to contact me.