Marta Fisch Auckland Therapist

My Book: Secrets and Ties

I wrote a book to help physical and mental health professionals in small communities.

About the book

Secrets and Ties: Private Thoughts of Helping Professionals in Small Communities is the first book of its kind to address the whole person of the helper in a small community, namely her or his needs for autonomy and belonging. Secrets and Ties concerns the ethical dilemmas of helping professionals who live in a small community, such as multiple roles, confidentiality and conflict of interest.

Secrets and Ties guides helping professionals to support their communities without sacrificing their own lives.

Buy the book

Secrets and Ties: Private Thoughts of Helping Professionals in Small Communities is for sale in both printed and eBook format. Outside of New Zealand you can buy on Amazon, within NZ, you have the option of buying directly from me.


A review of Secrets & Ties:
"It was enjoyable bed time reading. I was touched by the stories from a variety of helping professionals on how they managed that balance of living and working in a small community."

Glen Silvester is a member of NZAC and the Regional Ethics team.

A review of Secrets & Ties:
"This important book should be required reading for all those who intend to set up professional practice in rural and provincial areas."

Campbell Murdoch MD PhD

More about your author, Marta!

Marta Fisch is a trusted therapist & counsellor serving Auckland and Waiheke Island for 20 years.

She began her training in psychology in the United States in 1979 and completed her Masters Degree in New Zealand. Her services include therapy, training and supervision.

She specializes in family development and relationships, depression and anxiety, parenting education, blended families, adoption, sexual abuse and trauma.

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New: Online Sessions

Some of my clients have chosen to occasionally use online meeting methods for our sessions. They choose this if they have young children and it's hard to leave home, if their work schedule doesn't allow them time during the day for an appointment, or if they know they'd prefer to be in the comfort of their home or designated, private space to process their healing.

To learn more if this would be ideal for you, I encourage you to contact me.