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My work is inspiring because in the process of counselling, people get in touch with their power and change their world. I’ve blogged about a client who survived the Christchurch earthquakes and gleaned from the tragedy a new sense of self. I’ve just got off the phone with another client with news that the man who sexually abused her throughout her childhood has been sentenced to serve many years in jail. When this young woman and I met she was an anxious, timid shadow of herself. Through our work she became clear that in order to reclaim her essential vitality and worth she needed to explore prosecution for the perpetrator. Five years later, he’s been extradited from Australia to New Zealand to serve time. Numerous other survivors of his abuse have been contacted by the police for victim impact reports, so will therefore also have the satisfaction of knowing that he will be held accountable for his crime. Many adults who were abused as neighbourhood children can now rest more peacefully in themselves because of my client’s heroism.

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New: Online Sessions

Some of my clients have chosen to occasionally use online meeting methods for our sessions. They choose this if they have young children and it's hard to leave home, if their work schedule doesn't allow them time during the day for an appointment, or if they know they'd prefer to be in the comfort of their home or designated, private space to process their healing.

To learn more if this would be ideal for you, I encourage you to contact me.