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The last blog got me thinking about another client who’d experienced a traumatic car crash in which she’d lost a loved one (and almost her own life). The experience left her perpetually anxious about being a passenger in a car and completely incapable of driving one herself. After only one session of revisiting the traumatic memory and receiving empathic witnessing, she set herself the goal to learn to drive. She was tired of being the victim of bad memories and poor public transport! Today she is a confident driver, proud of the road she’s travelled. I feel honoured to stand beside her.

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New: Online Sessions

Some of my clients have chosen to occasionally use online meeting methods for our sessions. They choose this if they have young children and it's hard to leave home, if their work schedule doesn't allow them time during the day for an appointment, or if they know they'd prefer to be in the comfort of their home or designated, private space to process their healing.

To learn more if this would be ideal for you, I encourage you to contact me.